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Choosing iLasik Surgery

El Paso's leader in laser vision surgery.

Reasons why people decide to have laser vision surgery

Most patients look forward to having laser vision correction so that they can have normal vision with limited if any dependence upon vision aids. They look forward to being able to wake up in the morning and see without having to hunt for glasses or be able to swim or enjoy their activities with good vision. Others are tired of the distortion from their glasses, or cleaning smudges from their glasses or having multiple different pairs of glasses for distance, computer and reading. Some are tired of the poking of their eyes with contact lenses or dealing with the ongoing costs of contacts lenses, cases, solutions and glasses expenses. Finally some just look forward to being able to wear normal sunglasses. But there may be some other benefits that you hadn’t thought about.
Although people rarely consider it, contact lenses are not without risk. Infection due to contact lens wear is a fairly common occurrence. Every year a sizeable number of people will develop contact lens related infections. Though most of these are treatable without significant complication, a small number of patients develop serious infections that result in severe vision loss or even blindness. Some patients will also develop contact lens associated inflammatory reactions and still others may have exacerbation of dry eye symptoms while wearing their lenses.
There are safety advantages to LVC as well. For example, loss a contact lens while driving or fogged glasses while operating machinery are hazards that you don’t have to face after LVC. Similarly, you don’t have to worry about dropping or breaking your glasses when you’re in a remote location.

Meet Our Doctors

Our purpose is to provide you with the safest and most current technology and treatments available.
We are the only practice in El Paso using the Intralase IFS laser to perform blade-free iLASIK, all laser corneal transplantation and Intacs placement. We use the latest technique in small incision cataract surgery combined with topical anesthesia.
The combination means safer surgery and rarely a need to stop anticoagulant medications. Our patients have the option to choose from among any of the advanced technology lens implants to reduce dependency on glasses after cataract surgery.

Dr. Michael Foote – Comprehensive Ophthalmology and Refractive Surgery

dr foote Michael W. Foote, M.D. is a board certified ophthalmologist providing comprehensive eye care for patients over the age of 13. He is originally from El Paso and returned in 2002 to begin his practice in ophthalmology. He provides comprehensive eye care including laser vision correction, cataract and glaucoma surgery, cornea and eyelid procedures as well as contact lens fitting.
Dr. Foote is a third generation physician. He has participated in medical missions in Guatemala and Mexico. His interests outside of medicine include golf, snow and water skiing, tennis and triathlons.

Dr. John Hatchett – General Ophthalmology

dr foote Dr. John Hatchett was born and raised in Oklahoma. He did his undergraduate work at Oklahoma University and received his Medical Degree from Oklahoma University School of Medicine. His rotating internship was completed at University of Missouri at Kansas City and his residency in ophthalmology was done at University of Rochester.
He served two years of military service in the Navy; first year as a battalion surgeon with the 1st Marine Division in Vietnam and was awarded the bronze star. The second year was spent as a general medical officer at Corpus Christi Naval Air Station Hospital in Corpus Christi, TX.
Dr. Hatchett is board certified in ophthalmology and has spent his entire career in the private practice of ophthalmology in El Paso until joining Sun Eye Care in 2012.
He is a past president of the El Paso Chapter of the American Cancer Society. He was a founder of the Man to Man Prostate Cancer Support Group and served as its facilitator for the first 10 years of its existence. He was honored with the Sword of Hope from the American Cancer Society.
He is a long time member of the El Paso County Medical Society’s Physician Health and Rehabilitation Committee.
Outside interests include gardening, music (plays classical piano), cooking, travel, furthering his education and volunteer work.

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