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Lens Choices

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Lens Implant Choices

Numerous lens implant (IOL) options have been developed that can help reduce dependency upon glasses after cataract surgery. From bifocal IOLs to astigmatism correction to monofocal lenses, there are many options available. Generally these are tailored to the patient based on the overall health of the eyes, the underlying degrees of astigmatism and the goals of the patient.
Among the bifocal IOL’s we use include the Alcon acrysof multifocal IOL, the AMO Technis multifocal and the Bausch & Lomb Crystalens. For toric IOL’s we use the Alcon acrysof toric series. Monofocal IOLs have numerous options some of which control spherical aberration and are customized again on patient factors.
Monovision remains an effective alternative for many patients as well, using different IOL powers in each eye to allow one to see at distance and the other to see at intermediate or near depending upon patient preference. This blending of vision can be very effective for many patients.


Vision can be very effective for many patients

  • AlconWavelightExcimer
  • AlconWavelightExcimer

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